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Tour to must see destination: Aurangabad India

Tour  Duration: 2 Nights / 3 Days
Destinations Covered: Delh- Aurangabad- Delhi

The igneous rock caves are situated in the Deccan plateau defined by the black cotton soil. The region has been the bridge between North and South India and an important region in the trade route on the Arabian sea to the West. The tour will attempt to uncover and exhibit the various layers of the regions such as the character of Islam in the Deccan, the unraveling of art, aesthetics, rituals and crafts on the ancient trade route from North to South.

Tour Details

Day 01: Visit to the 'black Taj Mahal', a unique Sufi shrine and various crafts such as weaving of the Himroo and Pataini Saris in the city of Aurangabad

Day 02: Visit Ajanta Caves: The Caves are situated about 90 kms from the city of Aurangabad. They are built from 3rd BC right upto 7thc AD. The Buddhist caves were rediscovered in the first half of the 19thc as remarkable rain retreats. combining ritualistic temples and caves meant for living, they incorporate one of the finest frescoes and representation of ancient Indian painting, along with sculpture and architecture that became the archetype of some of figures seen in South East Asian. Sri Lankan and even Chinese Buddhist Art. The caves along with the ones in Ellora are declared as world heritage sites. The viewing of the caves will begin from the point where the British shooting party rediscovered the caves and the participants will enjoy a nature walk with one of the people from the Ajanta village who will unravel the incredible knowledge of using herbs and trees for medicinal purpose. The walk will be through gentle hills, forests, river and waterfalls. The objective of the walk is to create an understanding of the environment in which such religious art was born and sustained. The site was considered almost as a university of Buddhism.

Day 03: Ellora Caves and visit to Girineshwar Temple, a 10thc Shiva Temple, which is still in use and is about 5 kms from the Ellora caveswhich are about 25 kms from Aurangabad. Although the site of Ellora has Hindu, Buddhist and Jain caves it is the theme of Shiva the Hindu god that dominated the site. Water falls lend a spectacular aura to the site. The most astounding creation is the cave called Kailash where Spirit of Shiva is carved into a huge temple which has been carved out of a mountain from top to bottom. The Vishwakarma Buddhist cave number 10 is not only the best temple cave but is known to have special acoustic effects, there will be special recitation of Buddhist chants

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